Entertaining Kids on Road Trips

Traveling for vacation or to visit a one of Houston’s museums? Traveling with kids can be tricky, but if you have the right tools packed, traveling with kids is a breeze. Instead of just throwing a bunch of toys in the car before you hit the road, here are five tips to help keep kids of all ages entertained while on road trips — on the off chance they grow tired of listening to music or other entertainment on the Uconnect® app!

• Turn a rolled makeup bag into an entertainment center. Instead of putting your makeup and hair products in the pickets of a rolled makeup bag, fill it up with activities, games, and snacks that your kids will enjoy while in the car. You can even grab small suction cups with hooks and attach them to the window so the makeup bag is open and easily accessible to your child. Then fill the bag with items like crayons, markers, small coloring pages or books. Small electronics and chargers fit well in the pockets too. And don’t forget snacks-! You can load up a few pockets with snacks so if your kids get hungry, they can grab what they want.

• During your next trip to the dollar store, look for small plastic storage caddies, the kind that attach to walls or mirrors with suction cups. These can be placed your child’s window and filled with small toys, crayons, and coloring pages.

• Turn a dollar store cookie sheet into instant entertainment by using the cookie sheet as a surface for coloring sheets, a place to build with blocks or Legos, or the perfect place for to eat a snack. Rather than having your kids balance their crayons, toys and snacks while in the car, the cookie sheet becomes the perfect place to create a masterpiece or play a game in the car.

• Make their electronics car friendly by placing tablets in plastic storage bags or and attaching it to the back of the driver or passenger seats. This way your kids can watch a movie or show hand-free while in the car, and you don’t have to worry that they will drop the expensive tablet.

• Break out a few car games to keep kids entertained. Try Good News/Bad News. The first person starts with “bad news” Like the bad news is there is a dinosaur in this car. Then the next person has to give the “good news.” The good news is that he only eats leaves. Then the next person has to give the “bad news” and so on and on. Or try the Alphabet Race. Start with the letter A and working your way to Z by finding something inside or outside the car that begins with that letter. Take turns or work as a group to make it through the entire alphabet.

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